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Features of our Winches

  • Life time guarantee* (subject to conditions).
  • All parts galvanized or plated offering superior corrosion resistance.
  • Gears machined from solid blanks to ensure long life and trouble free operation.
  • The mechanical advantage designed into each winch keeps handle effort low for easy smooth operation.
  • The build quality and materials used will ensure a long trouble free life needing only the minimum of maintenance.
  • The winches are made in Great Britain.
  • A quality product which will reflect the quality you build onto your trailer.
  • Automatic Brake.
  • Fully Guarded.

    Speed Winch

    2000KG Winch   3000KG Winch

    2000KG Winch

    3000KG Winch

    All Winch parts are galvanized or zinc plated and Winches are sold complete with a 12M long 8MM dia galvanized wire rope fitted with a safety hook.

    Strap Winch

    winches handwinch   Trailer winch handwinches

    2000Kg Strap Winch

    3000Kg Strap Winch

    We supply 2 specialist Strap winches in 2000Kg & 3000Kg pulling capacities, they come with a 50 mm strap allowing a very compact design. All parts are zinc plated or galvanised for long life.

    We are so confident in the design build quality and materials used in our winches that we offer a life time guarantee*.

    Business and trade enquires are welcome just use our contact page.

    *Subject to terms and conditions

    Business/Trade enquiries welcome

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